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Výstupy a výsledky projektu / Project Results

V této sekci naleznete informace o tom, čeho bylo v rámci projektu dosaženo na cílových lokalitách (výsledky projektu). Dále zde budou ke stažení materiály, které budou vznikat v průběhu projektu (výstupy projektu).


Results achieved by September 2018


  • Restoration of habitat 2330 was launched at 30 ha. The first phase of succession will lead to restoration of the habitat 2330. Typical species typical for this habitat have pioneer life strategy and appear first in the restored land. Habitats will be gradually enriched for other psammophytes, leading to the priority habitat 6260*.
  • Introduction of long-term management based on military techniques is underway.

Naceraticky Kopec:

  • Restoration and improvement of quality and structure of habitat 6210 was launched at 42 ha, and habitat 8230 at 1 ha.
  • Long-term management in the form of grazing has been introduced.
  • Restoration of regular disturbances by heavy machinery is underway.

Masovicka Strelnice and Havranicke Vresoviste:

  • Large herbivores were introduced.
  • Enclosures are built.
  • Restoration and improvement of quality and structure of habitat 4030, 5130, 6210, 6210* and Pulsatilla grandis was launched at 11 ha at Masovicka Strelnice and 10 ha at Havranicke Vresoviste.

Blsansky Chlum:

  • Improvement of habitat quality for Euplagia auadripunctaria was launched at 10 ha.


Increasing of attractiveness of the project sites for general public and promotion of alternative ways of management of the sites influenced at the past by military activities:

  • Promoting is going on via project website and social media as well as via public actions and events for specific stakeholder groups.
  • Until now, over 1500 people have been reached by the website and over 300 people visited at least one of the public actions.
  • There was a strong interest of media especially about semi-wild horses and military technique.