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Clearance management

One-off and intensive interventions at the project sites Pánov, Načeratický kopec, and Blšanský chlum, whose aim is to restore open habitats on areas currently overgrown with woody plants or to improve the status of non-forest habitats.


Pánov - removal of tree stumps on an area of about 21 ha cleared by the landowner and subsequent scraping of the upper layer of soil which is supersaturated with nutrients. Clearance management at the site also includes turf scraping on a further 10 ha covered with unimproved grassland with a large proportion of wood small-reed. The reed rhizomes are then removed by deep harrowing.


Načeratický kopec - the key clearance interventions at the site include the removal of unbroken shrub cover and subsequent clearance of tree regrowth on 35 ha and black locust clearance on a total area of 13 ha. The project also includes the removal of unbroken cover of wood small-reed on an area of approximately 5 ha.


Blšanský Chlum - removal of shrubs on 7 ha and subsequent clearance of young plants.