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Načeratický kopec


The abandoned training ground is located about two kilometres southeast of Znojmo on a dominant elevated plateau bordered on the northern side by Šibeník hill (276 m a.s.l.) and on the southern edge by the top of Načeratický hill (290 m a.s.l.). It is an "island mountain", which is a remnant of tertiary weathering of granite massif.

The area of the site is 127 ha.

Vegetation cover

The area is mostly covered with a mosaic of dry grassland with shrubs. In many places, especially in the parts most affected by military equipment in the past, shallow ranker soils have been created with an exposed rock base. A unique vegetation of acidophilic dry grasslands grows in these parts, which in some places change into narrow-leaved steppe grasslands with Stipa. As with many other steppe sites, however, there is a gradual mesophilization of the stands and the spread of competitively strong grasses: false oat-grass (Arrhenatherum elatius) and wood small-reed (Calamagrostis epigejos). Large parts of the site are overgrown with black locust.

Military use of the site in the past, current state

The site was used by the military from the 1950s; the main type of activity - until the site was abandoned by soldiers in the 1990s - was the use of heavy military equipment, especially tanks.

Legal protection

The former training ground is protected as Special Area of Conservation and natural monument.